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Andre Le Mont Wilson

Poet and Writer
East Bay
Andre Le Mont Wilson hails from a family of writers in LA and settled in the East Bay. In addition to the anthology Civil Liberties United (for which he also served on the editorial committee), this year his work has appeared in sPARKLE + bLINK, Failed Haiku, and Not Your Mother's Breast Milk. In 2018 he was nominated for the Pushcart Prize (poetry). This past summer, in Paul Corman-Roberts' workshop the Art of Poetry Chapbook (SF Creative Writing Institute), he completed and began submitting his autobiographical chapbook "Spike", describing a journey through a gauntlet of attacks by phallic objects, including a dildo tossed at him from a speeding car when he was sixteen.This fall he will publish his Country and Western song "Cornbread Without Butter" in the anthology Heat Up the Grease, We're Frying Up Some Poetry (Gnashing Teeth Publishing).