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ERIKA ATKINSON was born into a family of penurious Russian Mennonite immigrants on the prairies of central Canada, in southern Manitoba. Having little interest in formal higher education, she instead began preparing to join the Canadian Foreign Service,which brought her to Washington, D.C., via Ottawa, Canada, a journey that became the ignition point of her travel interests. Professionally, she worked as an academic administrative assistant in schools, colleges, and universities in Canada, the United States, and Europe. She settled in San Francisco in 1978. Two of her books, "Happily Lost" and "Miles of Memories" are world travel memoirs. “Frozen Stillness" recounts her journey to Antarctica in 2010. “Exhort the Goddesses” is a poetry collection compiled to honor the Supreme Court's historic decision that same sex marriage be declared legal across the United States. "Ode to the Castro" is her dedication to the neighborhood in which she has lived and played for two decades.