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Mary Kennedy Eastham

My first book The Shadow of A Dog I Can't Forget - Poems & Prose was a 2017 Wild Card Runner-Up Winner in the Amsterdam Book Festival. My second book Squinting Over Water - Stories is a 2019 First place Winner in the Florida Book Festival and a 2013 Wild-Card Runner-Up Winner in the Paris Book Festival. My third book Little Earthquakes - Stories will hopefully be done at year's end.
I am the Flash Fiction Judge of the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition. After reading hundreds of micro fiction stories, I've decided to try to become a master of the genre myself studying with the BEST THERE IS, the most remarkable Kathy Fish. Stop by the beautiful high-end shop Top Drawer at 980 Valencia on Saturday, October 19th at 6:30 where you can pick our brains about what we look for in our winning stories. Then go straight home and craft a winner yourself!

You can pretty much talk to me about anything. I love writing, working out, shooting hoops, playing with my three Golden Retrievers and sipping on a great glass of Chardonnay!